Business & Residential Services

Our projects are diverse, reflecting our commitment to building and keeping good relationships with our clients over many years. With 39 years in the commercial flooring industry, we've worked on everything from financial institutions to medical offices, healthcare facilities like hospitals and assisted living, retail establishments, and private residences.

Feel free to review some of our past projects in Commercial flooring, Residential flooring & cabinets, Repairs and Remodels. 

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Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Government, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Corporate, Sports & Recreation, Small Business

We work with Hospitals, Assisted Living Centers, and various Medical Offices to provide use-specific flooring required for the heavy wear & tear, sanitation needs and constant activity of people and machines in these busy facilities. We work with Banks and Financial Institutions to provide flooring options for high traffic areas, eliminating trip hazards and work within off-hours, as required. We work with City, County and Governmental buildings as well as Schools, Colleges and Universities to establish budgets and fit their unique needs for design and functionality. We equally work well with Small Business owners, understanding they are truly the fabric of America - working within budgets, providing services and goods vital to the Greater Orlando area.

Property Managers, Homeowners, Luxury Homes, Vacation Homes, Investment Property, Primary Residence, Townhouse, Condos

Comfort and design meet budget and usability. We work with Homeowners to provide flooring and cabinets that make them feel at home with options like beautiful ceramic and porcelain tile, faux wood tile, carpet, vinyl, laminate and waterproof flooring. We offer tile showers, backsplash and wall tile as well. For Property Managers, we offer quality installation and options to meet your client's flooring needs.

Water Damage, Health Code Violations, Transition Repairs, Cove Base, Wall Removal, Door Relocation, Hurricane Damage

We work with companies, property managers and homeowners to return Water Damaged areas back to usable space. We work with healthcare facilities, cafeterias, medical and dental offices to provide repairs from Health Code Violations to bring them back to full operation, realizing full replacement is not always in the budget. We work to repair or replace damaged or failing Transitions and Cove Base due to age, use or remodel. We work with clients who need solutions where Wall Removal and Door Relocation has occurred. We work to bring your facility or residence back from Hurricane Damage when possible.