Floor Coverings

Floor Coverings

The manufacturers of modern floor coverings have dramatically increased selection, quality, and design over the past thirty years, as evidenced by a $21 billion market and at least 20 billion square feet installed per year. Those numbers increase, on average, by 3-5% per year.

The growth of the industry has been great for consumers of these building products. While it used to be that commercial flooring options were limited and very utilitarian, simple economic factors of supply and demand have led to a wide array of choices for building owners and tenants.

Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring has been an area of huge growth in the floor coverings industry. Resilient flooring typically includes vinyl, linoleum, and in recent years, rubber products. These products generally have a very good durability, are cost effective, and are easy to maintain, even in large scale applications. While resilient flooring such as sheet vinyl and rubber are still popular choices for industrial applications and big box retail stores, plank and tile flooring options give greater color and design flexibility.


Commercial carpet manufacturers have also increased their product lines and quality over the years. Nylon and polyester fiber manufacturing technology, carpet weaving technology, stain resistance, soiling resistance, and durability have all improved, delivering tenants and owners a better user experience. Roll carpet and carpet tiles have become commonplace in business and commercial applications where a welcoming customer experience is desired, such as lobbies, healthcare facilities, and places of worship.

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