Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

Modern commercial flooring provides many great options for businesses to consider when it's time to replace or renovate floor coverings. The choice of flooring products makes an enormous difference to the usability and warmth of the space, whether it's a small business, large retail establishment, medical office, or other type of commercial use. The type of flooring chosen can also have a dramatic impact on building maintenance costs, from nightly cleaning to occasional repairs.

Although there are hundreds of commercial flooring choices, there are two basic categories that are common for business and commercial applications.


Laminate commercial flooring comes in several forms—vinyl sheet, rubber, or planks/tiles. These types of floor coverings are typically used for very large or high traffic areas. Maintenance is superb for laminates. They are easily wet mopped, either by hand, or with ride-on floor scrubber equipment for larger spaces.

Long gone are the days of drab sheet vinyl floor coverings. The industry has been great at following trends in graphic design and interior design, with stunning colors. This makes laminate surfaces a favorite for spaces like cafeterias, grocery stores, and gymnasiums.

Carpets and carpet tiles

There are two categories of fibers used for commercial carpets: Nylons and polyesters. Nylons tend to wear much better than polyesters, but colors tend to be more vibrant in polyesters. This is the tradeoff. There are great colors available in nylon fibers, and they are typically very stain resistant. But the range and vibrancy of colors available in polyesters can't be matched by nylon.

Commercial carpets are typically some combination of loop and cut pile. This provides an opportunity for the carpet manufacturer to create luxurious patterns and textures in their carpets. Like laminates, carpet is available in rolls or carpet tiles, which also give designers a wide palette of colors, textures, and geometric designs to creating warm, friendly spaces.

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