Commercial Carpet

Commercial CarpetCommercial carpet is one of the most popular forms of floor covering for small businesses, offices, hospitals, and other high traffic public spaces. This is due in part to the fact that modern commercial carpet technology has improved greatly in the last twenty years. Fibers are improved, colors and designs are more vibrant, and comfort and durability are unmatched.

Medical offices, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals are some of the leaders in taking advantage of high-end commercial carpets to make their facilities more inviting to residents, patients, and children. Office spaces are also on the leading edge of commercial carpets, although a little more conservative on the designs. Thirty years ago, it was not uncommon to see laminate flooring or other hard surfaces in these types of facilities. But interior designers over the years have found commercial carpets a great way to make their spaces more warm and friendly.

Designers and flooring installers agree that the colors and installation techniques for commercial carpet have improved so dramatically that the floor of a space has become almost like an artist's palette. Trends in graphic design have definitely impacted this phenomenon, but commercial carpet has proven itself to be a worthy medium. The choice of patterns and colors can make a child's playroom joyful, an adult waiting room relaxed, or a church set the mood for its worship service.

If we only look at durability, modern solution-dyed nylon fibers are often considered the best choices by experts. This is because nylon fibers are absorbent (unlike polyester), but the color therefore runs through the entire strand; it's not just a coating on the outside. Polyesters, on the other hand, are not absorbent at all, and the color is more like an apple than a carrot.

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